State Advocacy

WSPMA contracts with experienced lobbyists who represent the membership’s views to the Washington State Legislature and other administrative agencies to advance the practice of podiatric medicine and surgery through legal and regulatory advocacy. Volunteers participate on a WSPMA committee that reviews legislation and assist in grassroots advocacy efforts to help influence state legislation impacting podiatric medicine and surgery.

PODPAC is the Washington State Podiatry Political Action Committee fund. It is your local Political Action Committee. PODPAC funds help our lobbyists in Olympia have better access to legislators who can influence state legislation affecting healthcare and our businesses as healthcare providers. Donations help podiatric medicine from getting lost or undermined in the legislative shuffle at the state level. A podiatrist’s livelihood is affected by politics, and donations help podiatric physicians maintain influence in the political arena of Olympia. WSPMA is a small organization and every donation counts.

Federal Advocacy

The American Podiatric Medical Association Political Action Committee (APMA PAC), the Center for Professional Advocacy, and the departments of Health Policy & Practice and Legislative Advocacy work collectively to promote and advocate for the podiatric profession before federal legislative, regulatory, and executive agencies.

News about recent advocacy victories, information on how to become involved in grassroots advocacy efforts and offer contributions to APMA PAC, along with details about important federal legislative issues impacting the podiatric profession can be found on the APMA website. The eAdvocacy platform allows members and the public to connect with their state legislators and educate the elected officials about the importance of podiatric medicine and surgery plus offer them information about important federal legislative advocacy issues pertaining to the podiatric profession.

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